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Sonny & Kat Photography are your corporate branding and event photographers

Sonny & Kat share a unique understanding and appreciation of each others individual skills and perfectly complement each others creative flair and instinctive styles.  Together they cover a wide range of situations from charity, corporate, car and music events to corporate and personal branding sessions. They can create visual content for your business so you can connect with your clients and digital audience 24/7 across all platforms. Sonny & Kat Photography are your go to photographers when you need high quality reliable service. They are your visual storytellers for Toowoomba, Queensland and Australia.

We recently booked Sonny & Kat for a fundraiser event and were extremely happy with the level of service, professionalism and final images! You really captured the essence of the evening and the photos look amazing! We were also thrilled to have access to the album the very next day! Amazing, thanks so much!

Sonny and Kat are great to work with! They’re super fun , easy going and open minded. I would highly recommend
Emma Maree

So who are Sonny & Kat Photography and what's their story?

Kat Lynn corporate branding and event photographer sitting on a chair in a white shirt


to Sonny & Kat Photography. This team are known as the dynamic duo to those who have worked with them or know them. After 20+ years of marriage and two adult children, they sort of know exactly what the other is about to do and likely to be thinking. Well Kat does anyway lol.

Photography Studio

They own their home in Highfields Queensland, which also has a purpose built studio. They  travel frequently as they have a love of food and culture.


Their complimentary styles and passions provide the ability to capture a range of images with varying focus. They can cater for the fast paced music, car, festival events to the intimate personal branding sessions crafting the visual stories to captivate an audience.


Photography is a constant lesson

Their book of knowledge is certainly extensive as well. You could consider them life long learners.Both are constantly developing their photography skills – which sees them being published and winning awards.


can round up the rowdiest of groups at events with over 30 years experience in the military. He is also the tech nerd. He knows exactly how to make lights and cameras sing. Sonny enjoys working with models to create some amazing creative pieces with his own business, Empowered by Light Studios.


is an award winning business woman and brings a wealth of design and customer relations experience which helps build the stories and connections with personal & corporate branding in particular. Kat has an eye for creating imagery that truly speaks your language even when you dont see it. Her passion is food and product photography so check out Foodie Shots

Easy going, attentive and professional are some of the words that come to mind when you think of Sonny & Kat Photography.