You know when you meet someone, and there’s an instant connection? You don’t know why you don’t know what it is, but it’s there. And you’re drawn to learn more and listen to their fascinating stories. That’s what happened with a beautiful artist called Robyn Beeston.

I first met Robyn at the Cabarlah Ladies Day where I was the photograhper/sponsor. She was speaking about one of her beautiful characters in a story, and I just fell in love with the emotive language and the way she could connect with people on such a deep level. What I found fascinating was her stories weren’t just fiction.They were cleverly articulated stories teaching us about life and the way we go about our daily habits. It was just beautiful.

Anyway, I got talking with Robyn and she said it would be good to get some professional photos done for a book she’s writing. I was so excited! Working with artists is such a giving experience. So we planned out her session weeks before; the purpose, the output, and how she wanted people to perceive her – all those things you go through when creating a branding session. It is so much more than photos I can tell you, it’s a service I bring for all our clients from my customer experience design background.

When the day came so I’ve ventured to Robyn’s home in Brisbane. Even before I got in the house, there were beautifully wrapped packages sitting by her front door waiting to be delivered to the eagerly awaiting recipient (I wonder which painting it was). I walked into her beautiful home, and there were white walls, but I was just taken back by every single wall having something different. It was an eclectic tapestry of color.

Now, before I even get the camera out we get to know each other. We sit down and start chatting…I need to know what’s driving Robyn. Why are we really needing these photos, what is she hoping to achieve, what does she perceive, and how they’re going to be used? We got into this beautiful conversation, and she showed me her mind map of where she is at the moment, where she wants to be, and what she feels is holding her back. My mind was just blown with the possibilities this talented woman has. And yet she doesn’t see the power and the magic that she has when she tells us stories and she paints her seemingly simple pieces of art in her 100 Day Challenges. I told her this. I told her about the impact that she had on me when she told her story that day, and when I looked around that day at all the other women that was sitting there just in raptured attention. She could command a stadium with the way she could tell the stories which made her a little bit teary eyed.

It’s funny, we all don’t see the brilliance in ourselves. We take for granted what comes so easily to us. But that is what I love to do – show people their superpowers and help them share that with other people.

I started to look around, trying to find out where we were going to take photos, and I came across a beautiful desk or stamping table that Robyn uses to wrap all her precious prints and paintings. My first thought was there are so many stories in this one table. Every indentation is a story to be told. Every ink spill. Every scratch. I’m fascinated with furniture like this because it’s just amazing to think of the character that it has ingrained.

Then I found this quirky, yellow-dressed paper mache figure. I didn’t realize, but it’s actually a Listerine bottle. Funnily enough, she has a sister! They were borne from a project about stuff out of the bin, and they have names: Trina Listrina and Tina SardinaI. LOL! I found it wonderful that out of bit of rubbish Robyn has now created something that sits proudly in her home and is beautiful.

What then took place was a series of photos where Robyn now felt comfortable, because we’ve had our conversation she knew that I knew what she wanted. She knew that we both connected, so taking the photos just became a natural thing. So she sat in her happy places while we just chatted and I captured her in her zone.

I am so grateful for the experience that I’ve had by visiting Robyn’s home, and I cannot wait to see what she has installed, because the possibilities are endless.

Please check out Robyn’s current website. It will be updated shortly with more of her wonderful art.

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