What a way to end 2021! 

If you follow Sonny & Kat Photography on Facebook, you would have seen our very excited and surprised post about being nominated as one of the Southern Queensland Country Top Five for the Brides Choice Awards 2021! Now, we have no idea how this is even voted for, so, to say we were humbled and surprised is a huge understatement, but we are very grateful and excited by the win. 

Ian Wickham from In the Booth – who won his division, organised with Cass from Aberfeldy Farm to hold a viewing of this year’s online awards as a way for us all to come together. This was such a lovely way to celebrate the awards. Often at weddings we don’t get a chance to catch up with each other, even when we do cross paths. We were able to mingle and chat with people like Salt Studios’ Andrew Coates and Matt from Matt Edwards Photography, who also was in the Top 5. Congrats Matt! 

Thank you Ian and Cass, it was really nice to just be able to sit and talk about what’s happening in each other’s industries and businesses, while celebrating each others’ successes in what would have to be the industries most challenging year.

A massive thank you to all our brides for voting for us!.  It is your testimonies and votes that shine the light on our passion to capture your beautiful moments forever. We love making your day as special as possible, and that will always be our greatest award. But these accolades let other brides know about us in the most honest and trusted way (word of mouth), so we genuinely say thankyou.

21 years of marriage counts for something

Here at Sonny and Kat Photography we take a special pride in honouring wedding photography, due to our own personal experience over 21 years ago. 

For those who don’t know, when we  got married we didn’t see the importance of photos (I know, ironic hey?), and didn’t hire a professional photographer. Instead, all our wedding photos were essentially happy-snaps and photos taken by guests, most of which were printed at Kmart and are now either yellowed or destroyed. As a result, to this day we don’t have any wedding photos around our home. It is such an important aspect that when we renew our vows for our 25th anniversary there will definitely be a professional photographer or two present as the first priority in preserving the memories of such a special day.

Benefit of two wedding photographers

Another major difference with Sonny and Kat Photography, our couples have the benefit of having both of us present on their special day. Not just a random second shooter or someone who the photographer doesn’t know. We have been married so long we intrinsically know each other’s style, what each other is doing, and thinking. This creates a beautiful dynamic throughout the whole wedding day, as we move in-sync to create images with consistency and connectedness no matter who is shooting. 

Often our couples have remarked that Sonny and Kat Photography are a dynamic entertainment duo as well, as we often have them in stitches with our endless banter developed over our long and happy marriage. Not only does this give our weddings a lovely laid-back, casual feel, it gives our couples an insight into the true connection and joy that comes with 21 years of marriage.

Why is it important to connect with your wedding photographers?

We go to great lengths to ensure our couples are well looked after even before the special day. By providing guidance to help prospective brides and grooms choose their photographer, whether or not they go with us or with another photographer. It is so important to ensure that they have the information that they need to make the right decision. Sonny and Kat Photography understands not all brides and grooms will gel with their style, and that is okay! Not every client is their client, but those that are will have the best experience they can possibly provide.

You can have the whole package and the wedding cake too!

Sonny and Kat Photography are always looking for ways to help improve the customer experience of their couples. Just recently we have added AfterPay to our services, to help make the process even more simplified. Why should our brides have to sacrifice what they really want in the output of their photos all because of budget? By using after pay Sonny and Kat Photography help to create a flexible arrangement and still ensure you get your perfect photos for your perfect day. 

What do people say about Sonny & Kat Photography

With our Top 5 nomination, our brides have clearly spoken. Here’s some of the testimonials we’ve gathered from our wonderful couples recently and are on the ABIA (Australian Bridal Industry Awards) website:


Sonny & Kat are professional but also down to earth and honest at the same time. We are very happy with the quality of their work and their efficiency. I would recommended them to anyone needing professional pictures.


An absolute delight to have had Sonny & Kat as our photographers. Nothing was a problem to do regarding our photographs and they totally engage you with your ideas and requests. The quality of the shots that we have seen so far are fantastic. A real pleasure to deal with. 


Absolutely amazing all round. Such a beautiful couple 


Kat & Sonny didn’t just photographed my daughter’s weddings, they seamlessly and skilfully captured the day. Covid restrictions have meant most family and friends were not able to attend, and photography is how they’ll experience the wedding.. Kat & Sonny nailed it, every photo’s spot on and captures a story. When asked, Kat & Sonny provided timely advice and assistance during the conduct of the wedding. Thank you for support to ensure the wedding was a success.

As we head into another year, Sonny and Kat would like to thank all our brides and grooms, and all our amazing clients across both the events and corporate world for their amazing support in 2021. 

Planning the next lot of weddings in 2022

Here’s to an incredible 2022 for you all! If you know someone who is getting married in 2022 we still have availability so send them our way for a complimentary chat in our studio or email us for more details.